segunda-feira, 22 de maio de 2006

Seven Habits of Effective Bloggers

1-A blogger is an energetic person, always anxious to share his ideas with readers (that´s why he blogs)

2-A blogger is a criative person, even in days he is run out of ideas, no problem! he finds it´s a good oportunity to dig down somewhere and find something useful for its readers

3-A blogger is a persistent person, when he starts a blog and have a few readers, he doesn´t blame his lack of capacibility, he insists trying the shape his skills to attract more and more readers

4-A blogger is someone who loves new stuff, how blogosphere would develops without new technologies?

5-A blogger is a good host (hostess), if someone leaves a comment in his blog, he usually reply with an inteligent post, maybe it would exchange a very interesting idea, or even make a lifetime friend!

6-A blogger is a good writter, since he works with words (it´s his work tool)

7-A blogger is a helpful person, specially when he writes down this post, teaching how a effective blogger works.

2 comentários:

  1. These are all very good ideas. Keep on blogging.

  2. good post, simple, light, even heartwarming!