segunda-feira, 5 de junho de 2006

Blog goals? Why blogging?

Nice question! After more than 150 posts it´s time to take a break and think: why blogging? This break is very useful, since it´s very healthy to ask yourself and being honest what you expect for life, relationships, marriage, job and so for. I myself ask some of this questions for myself at least twice a day. So, why not include blogging into this questions?
The question is answered in a very personal way, so it´s not possible to be applied to everyone. Anyway if applied, could be a humble suggestion. Here we go:
1-Being an active player in the Internet (with a blog it´s really easy!);
2-Share my thoughts with the world;
3-Provide humour and interesting ideias to the public in general;
4-Share my travel pics with my friends;
5-Keep an updated file with jurisprudence that helps in my job, since it´s much more
easier to find it in my blog than find it in the rest of the Internet.

4 comentários:

  1. Well let me explain my personal point of view. I have three blogs write translate, Southasiabiz, and Asianbiz blogspot. Why I run these blogs? Simple, for money. I see internet as a source of making money. Second, I love to write. I have been writing since my senior years in university. I contributed in some of the major newspapers of Bangladesh and worked as an IT journalist for ten years. I have written more than two hundred articles and now blog has opened up a new horizon for me where I can write and earn money. What can be better than this!!!

  2. I love your goals, it's so refreshing to see someone so focused on content and not on money!

  3. i like blogging because, i want to share my thought, and my article, i read on your post you like to share your though too , cool

  4. Have you ever thought of having complete English version of this blog? That might widen your audience. Being a bridge between cultures always adds something to the mix.